Rockhard Male Virility Coffee

$9.95 each



1x 17g Sachet

Rock Hard for Men virility coffee - harder, longer, stronger erections.
Get hard and stay hard more often. Amazing results - please your partner!
'Rock Hard Male Virility Coffee contains aphrodisiac ingredients that are known to increase male sexual desire and sexual performance. These ingredients also aid by providing necessary energy and strength to stimulate excitement, reinvigorate male stamina and arousal that helps enhance erections and sustain erectile sexual performance.
“Tested here in Australia”.

Effects are very noticeable - our Australian male testers notice an increase in the ability to get an erection in just 40 to 60 minutes after drinking one cup.
They were able to continue to respond to sexual intimacy with firmer, longer lasting erections with effects lasting between 3 and 6 hours on varying males. When the producers were asked about Rock Hard For Men: “Its secret is in the formula contained within and the process by which we create this unique powder that makes this virility coffee work. We then tested the formula for many months until we got it right”.
DIRECTIONS: Simply pour contents into a cup and mix instantly with hot water, drink only one sachet (17g) in a 24 hour period, 30 – 40 minutes before intimacy, for best effect, take on an empty stomach.
Precaution: This is not a toy. Consult a physician if you have an existing heart problem. Stop using immediately if undesirable effects develop. For adults only. Keep out of reach of children.
“My partner and I work long hours and our life becomes routine, as it does. Get home, kiss n cuddle, make dinner, glass of wine, relax in front of TV then one of us nods off to sleep. Sounds all too familiar? A few times a week now he drinks a satchel while preparing dinner, eat dinner then voila!” Christina, Brisbane QLD.
“I saw this stuff at a Sexpo one day in Sydney. Me and my 2 mates had a laugh and bought a box each. We all went out that night and 2 of us hooked with girls and got home with the sun rising. Guess which 2 of us hooked up? Yep, the 2 that drank the stuff before we went out! Marcus (who didn’t) was pissed as ha ha. Might be a coincidence but me and Jonesie had the best night in a long time. We use it about once a week now like it’s our secret weapon” Phil, Rozelle NSW
“I’m now approaching my late 50’s and whilst I still enjoy sex you find it becomes less important so it’s easy to get lazy. Drinking this invigorates my desire and now find I’m giving the missus a nudge and a wink more often. She thinks it’s great...” Carl, Belair, SA
“I was given a satchel by a friend. One afternoon I decided to drink it ‘for the heck of it’ thinking it was all BS. Minutes later I go downstairs to visit my neighbour. About half an hour later I realise I’m sitting there with a ‘semi’ and things are 'drifting down south'. A little embarrassed so left whilst I could still stand up unnoticed. My girlfriend came home a few hours later and laughed at me walking around with it. Anyway we put it to good use later that evening...” (name withheld), Burleigh heads QLD
“I feel absolutely shagged by the time I finish work, fight 200 other parents trying to collect kids after school. Feed them, bath them, play with them, put them to bed, and answer another hundred emails oh! I almost forgot, then there’s my wife! That’s where RHFM saves the day!!!” Michael, Tallai QLD
"Hi, I purchased your product from one of our local Adult stores last week. Im a 31 year old male, who last year underwent major heart surgery. For the past 12 months, I have been unable to gain or maintain an erection since surgery. After using 1 sachet of Rock Hard, I and my other half now have a new best friend! Within an hour of drinking your coffee, I was roaring to go! And go I did! 3 days (and 5 'sessions', I had some making up to do apparently :-) ) the effects lasted for me and now my other half has put Rock Hard at the very top of our shopping list (permanently I might add!) Thankyou guys for an absolutely amazing product"  Matt, Ballarat Victoria

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Includes 1 X 17g sachet.